Moulds & Tooling

Design and Manufacturing

Being a design and manufacturing house for various aviation products, Ontrack Technologies also specialises in mould and tooling development. The possibilities are endless. Our engineering and composite artisan team is truly capable of designing and manufacturing almost any tool you can imagine.

Services Offered

Design and Development

Ontrack Technologies is equipped to design and develop high quality tooling for your projects. We are capable of producing moulds and tooling to satisfy and exceed the requirements of your project.

Designing of moulds and tooling are primarily done using an existing 3D CAD Model, usually a parasolid (.x_t) model file supplied by the customer. Nevertheless, our engineering team is also capable of creating these 3D CAD models for you from basic concept drawings or sketches.

Sourcing of Materials

Ontrack Technologies has the expertise and knowledge to source and procure the best suitable material for the manufacturing of every unique mould or tool. This service will be offered during the consultation phase of the service agreement, but you are also welcome to supply your own raw materials.

Material Selection

Moulds and tooling are usually manufactured from wood or composite materials. Wood is a less expensive alternative when you don’t require a high quality surface finish or an out-of-mould finished product. The other consideration when selecting the mould material, is the amount of parts to be manufactured. A higher amount of parts usually means a more rigid and higher integrity mould material needs to be selected. In such circumstances, we recommend composite materials to ensure a longer service life of the mould.


Being one of the leading innovators in the aviation sector, we are proud to announce that we utilize only the most advanced machines and equipment to ensure accurate and top quality products. Our manufacturing team is highly trained and skilled and pride themselves in the fact that only the best possible product is delivered to the customer. Ontrack Technologies is therefor capable to satisfy all your requirements.

Service Offers

If you are interested in using our services or require more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is more than capable of answering your questions or to supply you with a quotation.

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