Who Are We?

Company Profile

Ontrack Technologies Pty. Ltd. is a SMME located in Potchefstroom in the North West province of South Africa. Since 2005 the company focused on aeronautical design work in composite materials and low speed aerodynamic work for the general aviation market as well as for the sailplane industry.

It was originally a small team of three engineers and three technicians who combined their knowledge to design and produce advanced and competitive products for the aviation market. Recently the company has expanded its capability and now has a manufacturing facility ready to supply the aviation market with various ready-to-install aviation products.

The aviation industry has made it possible to compete in aviation related sport disciplines. Flying as a competitive sport is not only exuberant, but also requires an engineering masterpiece to be brought to life. Ontrack Technologies therefor strives to develop cutting edge aviation products and to constantly improve existing components to maintain its competitive status.


The vision of Ontrack Technologies is to produce and sell competitive and high quality products to the aviation market by:

  • Designing the best products in the world (product leaders)
  • Establish and maintaining processes supporting the “Zero Defect” concept
  • Ensuring our people are competent and engaged
  • Providing an outstanding customer experience
  • Pricing our products to ensure “Value for Money”
  • Establishing the Ontrack Technologies brand internationally