Finite Element Modelling Analysis

At On-Track Technologies, we lead the way in specialised composite structure modelling.

Our advanced analysis utilises finite element methods to accurately predict stress distribution within each layer of a composite structure. This crucial insight enables designers to optimise their designs, achieving a balance between minimal structural weight and the essential adherence to load-bearing requirements.

Flutter Analysis/
Resonance Prediction

We specialize in proactively addressing flutter and vibration challenges.

Through mathematical modelling, we mitigate the risks associated with resonance frequencies that can lead to structural damage and catastrophic failures.

Our expertise holds exceptional importance, especially for rotating machinery like propellers and compressors. By harnessing finite element methods, we construct comprehensive advanced composite models within the aviation industry.

This approach enables us to analyse stiffness and mass intricacies, providing valuable insights into the dynamic behaviour of these vital components.

By customising the mechanical properties of components subjected to high rotational velocities, we can manipulate resonance speeds to align more effectively with the desired application.


Mechanical Component

Our approach to mechanical component design embraces a holistic perspective throughout every engineering phase. Each individual element is an integral part of a larger system, wherein considerations for maintainability and manufacturability are seamlessly integrated into the design specification.

Advanced Computational
Fluid Dynamics

Our primary focus for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) lies within aircraft aerodynamics, specifically in the context of aircraft design.

At On-Track Technologies, we specialise in utilising advanced CFD techniques to analyse and enhance airflow dynamics. This specialised approach empowers us to optimise design elements, improve overall aircraft performance, and provide tailored solutions that cater to the specific demands of aircraft aerodynamics. Our expertise in this field plays a pivotal role in shaping efficient airframe designs, ensuring superior performance and operational capabilities.

Propulsion Systems

On-Track Technologies has achieved remarkable success in integrating three distinct propulsion systems into glider aircraft:

  • Turbo jet sustainer
  • Internal combustion engine self-launcher
  • Electric self-launcher (400V system)

The comprehensive designs encompassed all facets of the propulsion systems, spanning from the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to system operation and distinctive attributes.


CNC Machining Expertise

Our expertise in CNC machining truly shines. With NX CAM, we optimise cutting paths, achieving the perfect balance between increased manufacturing output and unwavering quality. Our precision-driven approach transforms raw materials into intricate components, providing industries with innovation and excellence.

Precision Tooling

At On-Track Technologies, we specialise in crafting precision tooling that stands as the cornerstone of engineering. Our purposeful tooling solutions are designed to secure tight tolerances on components, enabling flawless performance. These versatile tools serve as the hands of precision, shaping, trimming, bonding, and manufacturing a diverse range of components.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each tool is a testament to our dedication to impeccable craftsmanship, offering industries the essential building blocks for exceptional results.

Advanced Composite
Components and Moulds

We are dedicated to creating top-tier composite components and moulds. Our skilled team is well-versed in harnessing cutting-edge carbon materials to produce high-performance composite structures that push industry boundaries.

Leveraging our mould engineering expertise, we facilitate efficient manufacturing, ensuring the accurate replication of intricate designs. Our commitment to innovation shines through in every composite component we produce, incorporating state-of-the art materials and techniques to drive industries forward.