Cutting Edge Bug Wiper Winders

The Cutting Edge Bug Wiper Winder is a 12V electrical system designed to wind bug wipers in and out to enable in-flight wing leading edge cleaning. The winder can be operated in automatic or manual mode and can be set for multiple wingspans.

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Technical Specifications

System weight (per winder) 770 g
Motor maximum rotary speed 580 RPM
Clutch slip force 5daN – 7dAN
Spool capacity 14 m

Download User Manual
CuttingEdge BugWiper Winder Manual v2.0

Parts Included

The following items are included in the kit:

2 x BugWiper Winders

1 x Left Multi Tool Holder with Spanner and Allan Key

1x Right Multi Tool Holder with Stringing Tool

2 x Mounting Brackets

2 x Thumb Screws to secure BugWiper Winders to Mounting Brackets

2 x Spring Loaded Thimbles (to be installed on the fuselage side)

1 x Y-Loom for power and control purposes

2 x Teflon Tubes (length: 500mm)

1 x Wiring Loom with PCB and 2-Way Toggle Switches

1 x Wiring Loom with Battery Connector